Farmhouse Kitchen Table Shop
Specialist Pine Tables Makers
Made in Any Size & Finish

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Handcrafted or factory made - It's your choice!
We Recommend the Handcrafted Way
Welcome to the Farmhouse Kitchen
Table Shop.
Handcrafted farmhouse kitchen tables
made from reclaimed pine wood.
The country pine farmhouse kitchen
tables are made to order in any size
and finish.
Specialising in made to measure reclaimed pine farmhouse kitchen tables, handcrafted in Devon and supplied direct to the customer. 

Each individual farmhouse kitchen table made to order
has a unique feel and look that make
it totally different from the typical factory mass
made farmhouse kitchen tables available today.
All of our reclaimed pine farmhouse kitchen tables are made
with turned legs, tapered legs or straight legs.
Specialist Wood Turning Service also Available.

Farmhouse kitchen tables finished to your
personal requirements, if you think you
may need some good advice why not read

Farmhouse kitchen tables handmade using
traditional methods and built by skilled craftsmen,
who take great pride in their work.

Every farmhouse kitchen table has been vigorously inspected
before leaving our workshops.