Farmhouse Kitchen Table Shop
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About us 

Manufacturers of quality handcrafted pine farmhouse kitchen tables available with a wax finish, painted finish or simply left unfinished ready to be finished by the customer.
Specialising in the making of individually handmade pine tables, from leg style,
wax finish, painted finish, table top finish, added moulding to table rail, square edges or corners, we can meet your requirements. 
Our bespoke service gives the customer a personal and professional service that many other businesses cannot match, it's a combination of quality workmanship and repeated satisfied custom that makes the farmhouse kitchen table shop so successful. :)

Our aim

From the time you first contact us with an enquiry or an order! we will aim to meet your personal requirements, produce a quality handmade pine farmhouse kitchen dining table and give you a professional and unique service that far out ways any other online competition.
Customers wishing to buy a quality pine farmhouse kitchen dining table, that is made to order, to meet their personal requirements, should seriously consider buying from the farmhouse kitchen table shop.

Again and again we find our customers are looking for high quality and good value for money, we are confident that you will not find this quality at this price elsewhere.

Personally made for you

Your handmade pine table will be uniquely made and finished to your own personal requirements by skilled craftsmen.
With the limited amount of handmade pine farmhouse kitchen dining tables we produce each year, your pine table will be strikingly different, and most importantly avoiding that factory mass made production look and feel, that is so common in today's pine furniture retail market and the now so called handcrafted market.

Buyers guide

Before you buy any pine table, read our free buyers guide, lot's of customers send us positive feedback regarding our buyers guide.