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We Recommend the Handcrafted Way
Our buyers guide has useful information, there maybe a 
few questions you may want to ask your table maker/supplier
first before making your order.
 Below we have answered some important questions that should be looked at.

Across the country in antique shops and auctions you can find
that quality pine table that's at least 100 years old...

...and they are still going strong, (good construction)
we make our tables in that very same way...
using that same construction.

No fancy photo gimmicks or wording here.

First decide whether you are looking to purchase a truly handcrafted farmhouse pine table or a mass produced factory made pine table.
There is a great difference between the two, an honest handcrafted farmhouse pine table takes up many man hours, bringing the table to another league, giving that unique look that far out ways a mass produced factory made farmhouse pine table.
Please read further, you will soon find that the more information you have available, the easier it will be for you to make the right decision.
Ask how the table rails are fixed/secured to the table legs, there are many methods available including metal brackets.
Our farmhouse pine tables are made the traditional way by fixing/securing the table rails to the table legs using mortise and tenon construction joints, giving superior construction strength to the table.
Find out how the farmhouse pine tables are finished before waxing etc, many makers/suppliers of farmhouse kitchen tables, finish their pine tables with electrical portable orbital sanders, excellent for saving labour time, but these machines can leave lots of undesirable marks and scratches to the wood.
We finish our reclaimed pine tables by hand sanding, this avoids undesirable marks and scratches to the pine wood.
Ask your pine table maker/supplier how they fix the table top to the table base. If the table top is not fixed to the base in a correct way, the table top may split apart.
We fix the table top to the base with handmade wooden securing blocks/buttons, this traditional method allows for the natural movement of wood during damp or dry conditions.
Please Note: In the photo above you will also see that
we use middle support rails for added construction strength.
Check whether the legs are also made with reclaimed pine wood, many pine table makers/suppliers use new pine wood for the making of the legs.
Our reclaimed pine tables are completely made from
100% quality reclaimed timber including the table legs.
Ask your table maker/supplier if they seal the table top for protection against day to day use.
Our answer
Our reclaimed farmhouse pine tables are sealed to help protect against day to day use. We also offer an extremely ware resistant finish if required, at additional cost, the extremely ware resistant finish is often used for our restaurant owners who require that added table top protection.