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Victorian pine tables made during the victorian era of 1837 - 1901 were usally made with turned or tapered legs.
Most old victorian pine tables for sale in todays antique shops and online websites have usally been made with turned legs, however many were also made with tapered legs.

Price list

The pine table prices on this page
refer to finished handmade pine
farmhouse tables with tapered legs.
Handmade using quality reclaimed
pine wood, the table tops measure
1 1/4 inch thick approx. 
The farmhouse pine table with tapered
legs made with 100% quality reclaimed
pine wood.
The standard pine leg width used is
4" approx unless otherwise stated.

4ft            36"     £450  Now £248
1220mm       915mm

5ft            36"     £510  Now £279 
1525mm       915mm

6ft            36"     £570  Now £299 
1830mm       915mm

7ft            36"     £630  Now £335 
2135mm       915mm

8ft            36"     £800  Now £385 
2445mm       915mm

9ft            36"     £870  Now £435 
2745mm       915mm

5ft            42"     £570   Now £315 
1525mm      1065mm

6ft            42"     £630   Now £335 
1830mm      1065mm

7ft            42"     £690   Now £359 
2135mm      1065mm

8ft            42"     £870   Now £409 
2445mm      1065mm

9ft            42"     £939   Now £486 
2745mm      1065mm



Table Finish

Farmhouse table with tapered legs available in the following finishes:

Waxed Finish

 We use the briwax original range, for colour shades please go to the briwax original colour chart.

Painted Finish

 We use the Farrow and Ball range, for colour shades please go to the Farrow and Ball colour range

Unfinished - Bare Wood 

 Pine farmhouse tables left in the bare wood ready for finishing yourself, this gives the customer the complete choice to finishing the farmhouse table their own personal way.
Pine kitchen table with tapered legs
made to measure in any size.
Pine kitchen table
with 4" width tapered legs.
Pine kitchen table
with 5" width tapered legs.
Tables made with thick middle
rail supports for added construction strength. 

Table Size Pine farmhouse table with tapered legs made to any size, customers are welcome to choose the overall table height if required. customers are also welcome to choose the table top overhang if required, the overhang of the table top passing the table base.


Table Leg Style

The pine kitchen table with tapered legs are made with quality reclaimed pine wood, also available in square legs or turned legs.
The standard pine table leg width we use is 4" however other sizes are available.

Table Top Wood

The pine kitchen table with tapered legs is made using reclaimed pine wood, the standard table top thickness is 1 1/4 inch thick.